Cat Tracker


Ever wondered where your cat ventures to? Now’s your chance to find out, with Cat Tracker. The project is designed for cat owners and school classes to get involved…

How to participate

For cat owners in South Australia, we will loan you a GPS tracking device for your cats (for free!). They are easy-to-use, and will help you discover the places where your cat goes. We are hoping to take this project national during 2016-2017… click here for information about the national project, and read on to find out more about Cat Tracker…

To participate, you first complete our online survey which includes a cat personality test (click here to read more about cat personality). The survey is open to anyone 16+ in South Australia. At the end of the survey, select that you want to track your cat, and we will get in contact with you; we will track as many cats as we can – our initial target is to track 500 cats.

Click here to participate by completing the online survey

We will report your cat’s results to you – your cat’s personality and where your cat went (depending on which parts you complete).


For project updates, follow our facebook page:

Resources for teachers


Snowy wearing a Cat Tracker GPS tracker

We have created extensive resources for teachers to use in the classroom. The resources provide cross-curriculum links to learning areas including science, mathematics, geography, history and the arts. We have suggested a learning framework and provide links to resources for Reception to Year 9 school students, which can easily be adapted for all age groups. Click here to access the teacher resources.

About the project

We are collaborating with researchers from Your Wildlife in the USA to bring Cat Tracker to South Australia. Click here to see the cat tracks recorded in the USA (click on a picture of a cat to see where that cat travelled). You can see the cat tracks from South Australia, too (click here). Please spread the word!


We have developed four fact-sheets as part of the educational resources for this project. They include information about the taxonomy of cats, cat biology, the history of cats, and the differences between owned, semi-owned and un-owned cats. Click here to view the fact-sheets.



Jamie wearing a Cat Tracker GPS tracker

  • If you don’t own a cat, you can still complete the online survey – click here to complete the online survey.
  • If you can’t access the internet to complete the survey – we can sent you a paper copy of the survey (please email or phone us to ask for one). However, the survey works much better online (it skips questions that you don’t need to answer), so please do it online if you can!
  • If you do not live in South Australia, please wait, as we are hoping to make the Cat Tracker project a national project soon (during 2016-2017). To stay informed about our projects, so you don’t miss opportunities to participate, please register for our eNewsletter.

Contact us

You can contact us via email:

Or by phone: 08 8302 9999


Click here to see our media release. Some of our television and print media…

Cat Tracker on SCOPE (
June and December 2015 (2 segments)

Sheffield and Dr Phil on "Today"Cat Tracker on TODAY (
March 2016

Cat Tracker in the Advertiser newspaper, 17 April 2015 Cat Tracker in the Advertiser newspaper, 10 March 2016

This project is supported by Discovery Circle collaborative partners (see the bottom of this page) and:

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