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The Cat TrackerDiscoveryCircle-CatTracker project was conducted in South Australia, but we are looking to expand. This page includes the contact details for a network of people being established to run the Cat Tracker project across Australia. We hope to run the project nationally in 2017, depending on funding. If you are a stakeholder group (e.g. a local council, community group, or government department) interested in becoming involved in the national Cat Tracker project, tracking cats in your local area, please read the project brief (click here to download the 3.5MB PDF file) and contact one of the people listed below for your state or territory…

Research collaborators: if you would like to become a part of this research team, please contact: Philip Roetman, Discovery Circle, University of South Australia:

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State and Territory project leaders:

Cat Tracker national project brief

Click on the image to download the Cat Tracker National Project Brief (3.5MB PDF file)

New South Wales
Northern Territory
Western Australia

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Cat Tracker media

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Cat Tracker on SCOPE (
June and December 2015 (2 segments)

Sheffield and Dr Phil on "Today"Cat Tracker on TODAY (
March 2016

Cat Tracker in the Advertiser newspaper, 17 April 2015 Cat Tracker in the Advertiser newspaper, 10 March 2016