BioBlitz at Morialta

The BioBlitz at Morialta Conservation Park was held as part of the park’s centenary in 2015. Morialta is a scenic and iconic park, not far from the city in Adelaide. A BioBlitz is a public event designed to encourage discovery of the life of a park. At Morialta, scientists, naturalists and the public worked together to record biodiversity in park on the 18th and 19th of September.

Around 700 people participated in the Morialta BioBlitz. At the BioBlitz we had wildlife displays by Animals Anonymous and Bugs n Slugs. On Friday the 18th September, ten local school classes attended, participating in science, art and nature-discovery activities. Then, on the Friday night and Saturday, the public participated in over 50 biological surveys, including:

  • Frogs– searching by eye and by ear along Fourth Creek
  • Birds– combing the park in the evening and the morning
  • Mammals– finding tracks and traces during the day, then spotlighting at night
  • Ants– baiting with honey and tuna for nocturnal and diurnal species
  • Bats– recording their echolocation with an AnaBat device
  • Water-bugs– netting in the Fourth Creek and inspecting them under microscopes
  • Insects– attracting them to a light trap
  • Plants– recording the locals and the invasive weeds
  • Orchids – spotting some diminutive local species
  • Spiders – bush-beating and rock-turning for arachnids
  • Native bees – scouring the shrubbery for local nectar-feeders
  • Reptiles– finding lizards basking on rocks along Fourth Creek

What did we find?

There were 605 observations made at the Morialta BioBlitz, made of 184 different species! You can see the records here (click on the image below):


A big thank you to everyone involved – it was great to see the public working with scientists, naturalists, and educators from the University of South Australia; South Australian Museum; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources;  Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges; State Herbarium; NRM Education; University of Adelaide; Birds SA; Birdpedia; SA Herpetology Group; Field Naturalists Society of SA; Native Orchid Society of SA; ZoosSA Zoo Learning; The Bush Classroom; Freshwater Macroinvertebrates; and Indelible Duck.


The Morialta BioBlitz was run by:

The event was supported by SGIC and the Campbelltown City Council.

More BioBlitz events?

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