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Welcome to the Cat Tracker Australia project! This project will help us to understand more about cats, their behaviours, and their relationships with their owners.

There are two parts to this project – an online survey about cats, and cat tracking. 

  • PART ONE: An online survey this survey has now closed. The data we collected will help us to understand more about cats, their behaviours, and their relationships with their owners. We will provide a report on the results of the survey (expected to be available later in 2018).
  • PART TWO: Tracking cats with GPS units – we plan to track cats around Australia. Cats were volunteered through the online survey (the first part of this project). We will select cats to be tracked. We will track as many cats as possible, but we cannot guarantee to track all cats volunteered.

GPS Cat Tracking

How the cat tracking works: for the cats that we track, we provide a GPS tracking device for one week of tracking. We will post the tracking devices to selected cat owners with instructions for cat tracking. We will also provide postage-paid envelopes for the tracking devices to be sent back to us. When we receive the tracking devices back from cat owners we upload the tracks of the cat onto the Discovery Circle website. We also send the cat owners an email to let them know where to find the map of their cat’s tracks. You can see example cat tracks on our website (click here).

How to participate in cat tracking: the first step is to complete the online survey (now closed). During the survey participants could select if you would like to have their pet cat tracked. We will let cat owners know within six weeks if their cat has been selected.

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Jamie wearing a GPS tracking device

Jamie wearing a GPS tracking device

Resources for teachers

We have created extensive resources for teachers to use in the classroom, with links to the Australian Curriculum for Reception to Year 9 school students (click here to access the teacher resources).

About the project

We have collaborated with researchers from the USA to bring Cat Tracker to Australia. Click here to see the cat tracks recorded in the USA (click on a picture of a cat to see where that cat travelled). You can see the cat tracks from South Australia (click here) and New Zealand (click here) too. During 2015 and 2016 we tracked cats in South Australia. A report on the South Australian project is available online (click here).


We have developed four fact-sheets as part of the educational resources for this project. They include information about the taxonomy of cats, cat biology, the history of cats, and the differences between owned, semi-owned and un-owned cats. Click here to view the fact-sheets.

Cat Personality Tests

Continuing our work on cat personality (click here to read about it), we have launched an online Cat Personality Test that anyone can use.

Do the Cat Personality Test

Just for fun… Where’s Sheffield?

Sheffield the cat has been on the move. See photos of Sheffield on his journeys and see if you can work out where he is… TEST YOURSELF!

Where's Sheffield? Do the test! 


Pussycat, Pussycat where have you been? View the UniSA Media Release online (click here).

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