FlukerPostsDiscover our changing landscape! FlukerPosts are designed to engage the wider community to help monitor change in local environments, like parks, creeks or wetlands. FlukerPosts are robust posts, with easy-to-follow instructions asking passers-by to take photos, with a camera or smartphone, and submit them via email. The photos from each site are uploaded to this website. The system creates historical records of the FlukerPost sites so that changes can be monitored over time.

Current FlukerPost locations:

Click on the markers on the map to see a site photo. White markers show where we are planning to install FlukerPosts soon (see below).


Coming soon:

The FlukerPost concept was developed by Dr Martin Fluker at Victoria University in Melbourne. Dr Fluker currently manages over 100 FlukerPosts around Victoria and one underwater on the Great Barrier Reef. Please visit Martin Fluker’s FlukerPost website if you would like to learn more about this project and how it began: http://www.flukerpost.com

A FlukerPost in Oaklands Wetland (to be installed early in 2016)

FlukerPost 1 in Oaklands Wetland
(installed early in 2016)