Great Koala Count 2

Great Koala Count 2Thank you for helping us to count koalas!

The second South Australian Great Koala Count was held on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of November, 2016. Koalas are a common sight in many areas of South Australia, but it can be surprisingly difficult to count them! We are currently uploading and sorting data from the weekend. Over 1,600 sightings have been submitted so far (see the map below)! If you used the smartphone app, please make sure you have submitted your data (in the app). If you took photos of koalas (without the app), please read below how to submit your sightings.

Why do we need to count koalas?

In 2012, information provided by people who took part in the first Great Koala Count directly contributed to the development of the South Australian Koala Conservation and Management Strategy (click here to read the strategy). The Strategy guides actions to safeguard the welfare of koalas and outlines ways in which we can help to conserve and manage koalas and their habitat. To achieve these goals the Strategy calls for the development of standard methods to monitor koala populations and habitats. The Great Koala Count 2 was developed to contribute to the monitoring of South Australian koala populations and habitats!

How did it work?

Koala sightings so far! Click on the map to enable zooming. You can also open the map in full screen

We have developed a new smartphone Koala Counter app, for you to download (see below). This app helped contributors to collect the information needed.

What if I couldn’t use the app?

If you could not use the smartphone app, you could still submit koala sightings. If you spotted a koala on the 26th or 27th of November, 2016, please upload a photo and provide information about the location of the koala online via the BioCollect website…

Record a koala sighting now (without the app) 

INSTRUCTIONS: we have created a short video to demonstrate how to submit a koala sighting online (click here to see the video). 

Download the App:

The Koala Counter App is available at:

  • iTunes:
Koala Counter
Koala Counter
  • Google Play:
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Contact us if you can’t use the app or the website and we’ll work out another way to collect your koala sightings (contact details are below)!

Terms of Participation

We developed some “Terms of Participation” to assist everyone to participate safely, with minimum disturbance of other people, wildlife and habitats. By participating in the Great Koala Count 2 you agreed to these Terms of Participation (click here to review the terms).

Great Koala Count 2: how to use our app from Discovery Circle on Vimeo.

Why do we need help to count koalas?

There are a number of reasons why we asked for your help to count koalas:

  • Koalas can be difficult to count because they are found in many different places around our state, and are often found on private land where scientists can’t go. They live in our backyards, in our parks and reserves, along urban streets, on farms and in school yards.
  • There are simply not enough scientists to go everywhere and count them all. So we need people to become “Citizen Scientists”, to help us count our koalas. How many koalas will you count?

Read about the technology behind the Great Koala Count 2 in an online article by Philip Roetman (click here)

Questions about koala counting?

If you have any questions about the Great Koala Count 2, please contact us:


  • Read a news release about the launch of the project from South Australian Environment Minister Ian Hunter (click here)
  • Listen to Ali Clarke from 891 ABC Adelaide discuss the project with Dr Phil from the Discovery Circle (click here)
  • Watch a 10 News segment about the project by Chloe Bouras (click here)
  • Watch a 7 News segment about the project (click here)

Useful links…

  • If you are concerned about a sick or injured koala in South Australia, please contact Fauna Rescue (click here), or call their Koala Rescue Hotline: (08) 7226 0017
  • Find the Great Koala Count on Facebook (click here)
  • Read about the technology behind the Great Koala Count 2 in an online article by Philip Roetman (click here)
  • Read the results of the first South Australian Great Koala Count in an article published in the Ecology and Evolution (click here)
  • Find parks and park maps on the National Parks SA website (click here)
  • Find out about the new International Koala Centre of Excellence at Cleland Wildlife Park (click here)
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